Internet traffic expert Vince Reed from and shares his story from humble beginnings to successful internet baller. He talks about the 4 M’s of goal setting, his opinion of shiny object syndrome and how to be a successful entrepreneur.

This week I had a great conversation on the podcast with Vince Reed from and Vince is an internet traffic expert who I met at the No Excuses Summit in San Diego.

Vince actually sold his former company, My Internet Traffic System (MITS), and his event Internet Traffic Live, and the No Excuses Summit was combined with Internet Traffic Live to produce a mega value add event for internet marketers this year.

During the 4 day event many speakers come on stage to discuss specific, actionable traffic strategies and Vince was one of them.

The thing that stuck me when he started to explain his traffic strategy was that he wasn’t focusing on Facebook Ads like most of the other presenters. He wanted to show us something different so he discussed Twitter engagement and advertising.

Vince described Twitter as the place where people go for real-time news.

I think that’s a great way to look at it. He pointed out that you can use Facebook advertising strategies on Twitter and because Twitter’s Ads platform is not as old or as saturated as Facebook’s you can get to potential customers ahead of other advertisers.

Vince’s advice was to get targeted people to follow you on Twitter by creating a follow campaign. When they do follow you reach out to them via direct message and ask them why they followed you to start a dialog.

If they say something that shows they are interested in internet marketing or whatever niche you’re in you have your in to tell them you have something they might be interested in.

I love this approach because it flows like a conversation would in the real world.

It’s not just you blasting people with content but targeting those who might be interested and waiting for them to bring up the topic of internet marketing or whatever niche you’re in.

During our interview Vince talked about the importance of telling your story to your audience and doing it from the beginning, not from when you became successful. Telling your story from the starting point when you were struggling will help you relate more with your audience and we know that in order to get people to buy from you they first have to know, like and trust you.

Vince shared his story at the No Excuses Summit but share even more during our discussion. He shared that when he was young he lived with his mother in a rough area of Los Angeles, California where he heard gunshots at night. He wanted to be in a safer area so he moved to live with his father.

He alway felt behind in school and learned from his father that he had to work harder than everyone else to catch up and that shaped his work ethic early on.

Naturally gifted, he was a successful football player in High School and college but didn’t make it to the NFL. He use to tell himself that he didn’t succeed to the NFL because he wasn’t good enough but he confessed that it was really because he didn’t give it his all when he had the opportunity.

From that experience and others like it he learned that in order to be successful you need be willing to give it your all and to surround yourself with people that will make you better.

Vince said “if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room”.

Next we discussed the ever important topic of goal setting. Vince has a goal to give his daughter a better life than he had, and he added that his life growing up was pretty good. He also wants to give his wife the freedom to only work if she chooses to.

He’s focused on using his skills and his story to make more money so he can impact more people and show people that it is possible even if you couldn’t read until you were eight years old like couldn’t.

Vince broke goals down into four types, which he calls the Four M’s:

  • Mastery – This is a goal for people to know you as an expert in what you do. When you walk in room you want everyone to know you’re successful and that you know your craft.
  • Mating – This goal centers on being sexually attractive.
  • Material – The name speaks for itself but this goal is driven by a desire for the material things that make you happy and feel successful.
  • Movement – This is a goal to change the world.

Vince said each person should have one selfish motivation and one selfless motivation.

Vince’s selfish motivation is to one day have enough wealth that he can be a part of Warren Buffets billionaire pledge to give away the majority of his wealth. That actually sounds like a combination of a selfish and a selfless goal because I guess you could argue that it’s selfish to want billions of dollars but certainly selfless to only want it to give it away to help others.

He also has a mastery goal to be the number one lead generation strategist in the world. He accomplished his goal of being his mentors number one student and said that should be a goal for every entrepreneur.

Something else that that came up during the interview that I didn’t expect was Vince’s beliefs on Shiny Object Syndrome. Vince doesn’t believe in it at all.

He said he thinks people often tell you not to get distracted and stayed focused because they want you to focused on them and their products. That’s definitely an interesting perspective and could be very true for some marketers.

Vince mentioned the importance of selling the right products and not chasing get rich quick schemes. He brought up the story of the California gold rush in which most people didn’t make money digging for gold. However, many did get rich selling picks and shovels to those searching for gold.

My takeaway from that is to think about what the picks and shovels are in your industry and what you can provide to those digging for gold.

Vince has some good habits and shares some of his lifestyle hacks too. He is definitely a morning person because he wakes up before the sun comes up every morning.

I have developed the habit of doing the same and I really like it because the early morning is one of the few times of the day where nothing is likely to come up and take you away from your daily goals.

Vince also shared that he has his green smoothy, records a podcast episode or a live stream and starts executing on his to do list as part of his daily routine.

He hits the gym daily from 11:30am – 1:30pm and cut out processed food in favor or home cooked meals. He said since he stopped eating out of a box he has dropped 20 lbs. Something to think about.

Vince balances his work and personal life as best he can. He said each person has to try out different things and see what works for them. Their isn’t really a one size fits all balance because everyone’s family dynamics, wants and needs are different.

I’m personally a big fan of copying other people and taking what works for you here and there until you have a complete plan.

The few things Vince is sure to schedule are time with his wife and with his daughter.

Vince has had a standing date night with his wife every Friday and this continued even when they had their first baby. He also spends father daughter time with his daughter on early morning walks and plays with her before her bed time each day.

His advice for the married people out there was to remain interested in your spouse everyday and be aware of their needs. I have heard that from a number of people and think it’s a necessary strategy for a healthy marriage.

Before I let Vince go I had to find out what his favor traffic strategy was. He said he was most comfortable with Facebook but that each platform has great value if you know how to use it.

He looks at traffic platforms as just tools to get exposure to his website or products and is able to use the strategies from one to dominate on others.

Vince is all about the metrics and said he breaks down his strategy to figure out how many leads he needs each day to hit his income goals. He focuses on that more than the particular platform the lead comes from.

I got a lot of value from my conversation with Vince and really enjoyed how open he was willing to be about his story and his business.

You can get in touch with Vince at:
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