028: October Monthly Roundup

In this episode I share my takeaways from my interviews with Erica Castner, Calvin Wayman and John Lee Dumas. I also share how I was able to moved my site content from my old domain to my new domain. This month was packed with some great guests and advice that had me filling up my […]

025: Why You Need a Coach with Erica Castner

Erica Castner, AKA The Queen of Results, stopped by the Ballers Circle to discuss the power of building strategic partnerships, the struggles she encountered while building her business and why you always need a coach in your life. Erica Castner is a business consultant and breakthrough coach. She helps business owners build a collaborative network of […]

024: September Monthly Roundup

In this episode I discuss my takeaways from my interviews with Kate Erickson, Kelly Roach, Rebecca Lombardo and Domingo Silvas. I also discuss the importance of getting started with your business and staying the course. This month we had some great guests who shared some important and impactful advice on how to finally build the […]

023: How to Overcome Self-Doubt with Domingo Silvas

Domingo Silvas shares how he built several multi-million dollar businesses and how he has been able to stay motivated, overcome self-doubt and perservere in the face of extreme obstacles. From Humble Beginnings What a powerful success story. Domingo really brought his A game to the Ballers Circle this week. He shares a great story of […]

021: Developing a Product Idea with Kelly Roach

Kelly Roach stops by the Ballers Circle to discuss developing a product idea, list building, sales funnels and how to keep your audience engaged once you have them on your list. We also discuss the steps of going from lead generation to nurturing your audience to sales conversion and what happen when you skip a […]

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