054: April Monthly Roundup

On this episode I talk about my takeaways from my interviews this month with copywriting expert Laura Peterson, Facebook Ads strategist and affiliate marketer JR Rivas and podcast host and strategist Yann Ilunga. Laura Peterson First up this month was Laura Peterson, the host of the podcast Copy That Pops from episode 51. The Elements […]

050: March Monthly Roundup

This week I go through my takeaways from my interviews with Steve Heimerman, Leight Martinuzzi, Nick Unsworth and Nicholas Bayerle. Steve Heimerman First up this month was Steve Heimerman from episode 46. Steve is the owner of the video production company Tilt Motion. One important takeaway from this interview was the three questions Steve said […]

048: Accomplishing any goal with Nick Unsworth

Nick Unsworth brought some serious knowledge to the Baller’s Cirlce this week. He shared his story of struggling through 11 business failures before he found success and his five step process for accomplishing any goal. Nick is what being an Internet Baller is all about. He has one of the best stories of going from […]

047: Discovering your Hidden Why with Leigh Martinuzzi

Leight Martinuzzi dropped some knowledge this week on the podcast. We discussed how to discover what you really want in life and how to make that your guiding compass. This week I had the pleasure of interviewing the host of the Hidden Why Guy Podcast, Leigh Martinuzzi. Leigh is originally from Australia and before taking […]

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