Hey, I’m Michael and Thanks for visiting my blog.

Probably similar to you I’m always looking for ways to make extra money. Years ago I discovered that people like you and me all over the world were making money online without the need of a physical business location.

Some worked in teams but many were just individuals selling their own products or marketing other people’s product and getting a cut of the profits.

I quickly fell in love with internet business because not only does it have great opportunities for making more money but that money can be made whenever and from wherever you choose to work.

I love spending time with my family so I didn’t want a business that would take me away from them or force me to decide between my full time job and starting a business. I also wanted something will low start up cost because I didn’t have a lot of money to start with.

Some people are bigger risk takers than I am and are willing to quit there job and try to build a business hoping they can make enough money before their financial run way runs out.

I’m too risk adverse for that.

Maybe that will mean my business wont grow as fast but it also means my family and I won’t be living on the street if my business doesn’t work out.

I do believe that slow and steady wins the race so I’m chipping about at learning and building my business digital brick by digital brick until I reach a point where I’m making a full-time income from it and beyond.

I also know that trying to get rick quick is a waste of time and money. The statistics on how many business start every year and how many fail are staggering. This is even true for people starting internet businesses.

The failure rate for start ups has always been high but I think one thing fueling a lot of failure these days is the idea that making money will be quick and easy.

We’ve all heard the glamorous stories of the people who dropped out of college and started an app that within a year was bought buy Facebook for $5 billion; or the story of the internet marketer who started a blog, YouTube channel or podcast not too long ago and is now marking a million dollars a year working 4 hours a week.

People hear these stories and think “I want the fastest, easiest way to make money so I’m going to do the same thing”. Is it possible…certainly. Is it likely…No! These stories make the news because they are the exception, not the rule.

I’m not saying not to have big dreams or to shoot for the stars. You most certainly should dream big and shoot for the stars. I’m just saying not to expect it to be easy or fast.

Even with the sensational stories we often hear we don’t hear about all the people who tried to follow the same path and failed and learn why they failed so we can try to avoid the same mistakes. We don’t hear about the struggles and previously failures the seemingly overnight success had to endure to get to where they are.

This blog is about setting yourself up for success by not taking short cuts, but by using proven internet business strategies and learning from the mistakes and success of others. The story of the struggle is the story of success but know that every struggles is there to be embraced and make you stronger so they next time something similar comes your way you’re prepared to handle it.

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