074: Discover a proven process for acquiring quality customers with Dov Gordon

Customer acquisition consultant Dov Gordon came on the show to share the 3 questions every customer asks themselves about your business before they decide to buy or not.

If you need clients than you need to hear what Dov Gordon has to say about acquiring them. Dov noticed early on in his business that there are some people that have big personalities and are very charismatic and because of that some of them have very little to offer other than that yet they get customers again and again.

On the other hand there are people like Dov who know much more and have more to offer customers but because they aren’t as charismatic they struggle acquiring customers. Dov wanted to bridge that gap for those with a lot to offer but who lack the big personality like he did. What he developed was a customer acquisition system that allows even those who lack charisma to succeed at sales.

What we discussed:

  • The 3 questions customers ask themselves while deciding whether they want to work with you or not
  • How to create a message about what you do that actually attracts more clients
  • How to create a lead magnet that will growth your client base
  • How to figure out what the failure point is in your sales process
  • How to deeply understand your clients situation so they become open to your offers

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Dov Gordon’s Website

Dov’s Free Missing 5% Class

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