099: How to setup your business to run without you with Katya Sarmiento

Business process and operations expert from ReachandMakeMillions.com, Katya Sarmiento, came by the Ballers Circle to share how she helps her clients set up systems and processes so they can step away from their business and have it still bring in money for them.

Katya grew up with a father who had a social media marketing agency. She learned a lot about building websites and social media campaigns from him and since she was a lover of learning she built upon that knowledge. She first started a business building websites but soon got burnt out and realized if she stepped away from her business it would stop. It was then that she developed the system to empower those who worked for her to run the business without her. Once she finished doing this for her business she decided to start a business showing other people to set up systems and processes so they can grow and scale their businesses while still having the ability to step away from it and have it still run like a well oiled machine.

What we discussed:

  • Why it’s important to hire people that are better than you
  • How to set up your business so it does stop without you
  • How to focus on what your best at and enjoy and outsources the rest
  • How to develop good project management systems
  • How to verify if your to-do list is the CEOs to-do list or a workers to do list
  • The difference between business growth and business scaling
  • How to grow your revenue without working twice as hard

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Katya’s website Reach and Make Millions



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