098: Becoming a Successful Affiliate Marketer with Ace and Rich Guzman

Ace and Rich Guzman share how they broke into affiliate marketing and earn a healthy six figure income, working from home, selling other people’s products.

Ace and Rich Guzman both had parents who were entrepreneurs, which inspired them to want to have the same freedom from a day job. They both also entered the world of internet marketing at different times and with different experiences. Ace had a long career in network marketing and eventually started using the internet to grow her business and make money online. Rich was a musician who starting using internet marketing initially to grow the following for his band. Over time they found each other and joined forces to create to powerhouse affiliate marketing duo that they are today.

What we discussed:

  • The value in having the right expectations
  • Why learning should be your first goal instead of making money
  • How Ace and Rich view investing in yourself and what they does for your business
  • How to think outside the box and do things unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do to find success

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