094: Growing your Business with Facebook Chat Bots with Molly Mahoney

Molly Mahoney came by the Ballers Circle to discuss the best format and strategy for growing your business using Facebook Live and making more sales using chat bots.

Molly grew up watching her dad build a small business he purchased into a national enterprise with over 800 employees. This showed her that being an entrepreneur, although challenging, was possible. She worked hard as a stage performer but later decided that her calling was to help business owners learn how to leverage the power of performance for their businesses by connecting with people through social media in a way that really mattered and made real impact.  

What we discussed:

  • How to prepare for and structure a Facebook Live
  • How to get started with and effectively use Facebook Messenger Bots
  • How to break your reason for being in business into the three component so you will always have the motivation to get the job done
  • How to develop a mindset for success

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