082: Using Instagram to sell skincare products with David Wongk

David Wongk from Pure Tropix shares what he did to grow his skincare business. He also shares why so many entrepreneurs haven’t seen the level of success that he has.

After his bi-weekly hair cut David noticed he would develop in grown hairs and none of the products on the market helped him solve this problem. He decided to try to make a solution of his own and what he discovered not only solved his problem but has become the solution for many people around the world thanks to the skin care business David founded called Pure Tropix. During our interview David shared his best strategies that helped him learned an industry he had no prior experience with and build a success business while doing so.

What we discussed:

  • How David developed the formula for his skin care products
  • What he learned from his customer feedback that changed the direction of his business
  • His Instagram marketing strategy for acquiring customers and building his network of influencers
  • What resources he uses to learn and stay onto of his industry

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David’s Pure Tropix skin care website

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