078: Protecting Your Digital Content from Piracy with Jason Tucker

Intellectual property protection expert Jason Tucker came into the Ballers Circle to school us on how to protect our digital content and what to do if we find that some is infringing on our property.

Podcasters, course creators, video developers, basically anyone creating digital content needs to listen to this episode. Jason Tucker has a very interesting story, which led him to become the intellectual property expert that he is today. He became the owner of a large library of digital images that were being pirated and he had to develop a plan to stop this because it was significantly affecting the income of his business. Through his own research and developing connections in the industry he developed an effective strategy for protecting his intellectual property, discovering when it was being misused and taking action to stop those stealing his digital property. He now shares his expertise and helps others protect their intellectual property.

What we discussed:

  • Determining what digital property you need to protect
  • How to protect your intellectual property without hiring an attorney
  • How to find out if your property is being pirated
  • What to do when you need to stop a pirate

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Jason’s Facebook Group, Intellectual Property HQ

Jason’s Intellectual Property Protection eCourse

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