073: How being too attached to a business idea can hurt your business with Gavin Zuchlinski

This week Acuity Scheduling founder Gavin Zuchlinski shares how he built his company almost unintentionally. He also shares how to get actionable customer feedback that can vastly improve your business.

Gavin has story that I have found is common in entrepreneurship. He had a business idea, tried to build a company around it but it just didn’t work out. In the meantime a side project he developed originally to help his mom with her business grew and grew until he had to make a decision to take that side business full-time or keep his day job. He eventually left his day job and built Acuity Scheduling into what it is today.

What we discussed:

  • How Gavin gets his customers to commit to 45 minute phone surveys so he can learn what’s working and what’s not work with his business
  • Why Gavin turned down a huge sum of money from a company looking to buy Acuity
  • The surprising results from testing a 6 hour work day for his employees
  • Why Gavin believes too much passion can actually harm your business
  • What Gavin does to stay ahead of his competition

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Acuity Scheduling

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