067: July Monthly Roundup

In this episode I’ll be going through my takeaways from my interviews with The Marketing Mentor Adam Urbanski from episode 64, corporate digital marketing strategist Kimanzi Constable from episode 65 and business growth expert Kamila Gornia from episode 66.

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Adam Urbanski

First up this month was Adam Urbanski. Adam really impressed and inspired me. He shared some really powerful lessons. Adam and I discussed how the structure of everything is permission based. What does that mean?

What does that mean?

Adam said you need permission to get into school, to get a job, to get a raise and so on. What I thought was power was when he said that you don’t need anyone’s permission to be an entrepreneur. What I would add to that is if you’re waiting for someone to give you permission you might be waiting forever. At best people can make suggestions but no one else can make that decision for you.  

When talking about how to get your products in the hands of your customers Adam said selling is the transference of confidence. I really like this and it explains why so many people get stuck when trying to sell.

They lack the confidence themselves so they have nothing to transfer. Adam said the first person you have to sell is to sell yourself. If you don’t believe in what you’re selling no one else will. Too often people focus on what they don’t know instead of what they do.

Kimanzi Constable

Next was Kimanzi Constable. Kimanzi wrote a book about the struggles of everyday working people but because he didn’t have an audience he wasn’t able to sell any copies and he was devastated. Many of us, including myself have tried to create and sell something and failed because we didn’t have an audience to tell about what we created or anyone interested in buying within our sphere of influence.

I really like how Kimanzi overcame this challenge and how he was able to build an audience. Kimanzi spent most of 2012 understanding how to build an audience by getting exposure to other people’s audiences. He wrote 60 guest posts, appeared on over 80 podcasts and brought 500k visitors to his website. From these efforts he was able to sell 45k copies of his two books and began coaching others to do the same. 

Kamila Gorina

Last this month was Kamila Gornia. Kamila was a young and skilled marketer but when she wanted to grow as an entrepreneur she initially lacked the confidence to sell high ticket offers. She hired a coach to help her get the confidence she needed to succeed. From there she was able to develop a systematic method for growing and scaling a business. I thought this was very helpful in knowing what to focus on in your business depending on what stage you’re currently in. She calls this method the Blow Up, Scale Up method. Here are the 5 stages:

Think Up – First you have to do proper research to find out what your business ultimately will be about.

Set Up – Here you know what your business will be but need to set up the foundation and build an email list.

Blow Up – This is the business growth stage where you want to get more publicity and approach the six figure mark. 

Scale Up – This is when you need to hire a team and start doing more paid advertising so you can hit the multiple six figure mark.

Free Up – This is where you take your time back while still maintaining your income by outsourcing as much of your business as possible.

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