066: Scaling up an online business with Kamila Gornia

Digital marketing strategist Kamila Gornia shares her Blow Up Scale Up method for helping entrepreneurs make more money while also gaining more freedom.

Kamila grew up in Poland. Before becoming a digital marketing strategist she was a young entrepreneur following her passions.

Young Entrepreneur

When she was twelve she had a passion for photography and started her first business around that. From the experience of building a website and trying to figure out how to get visitors she learned a lot about marketing and what gets people’s attention.

She later built a health and wellness site, again following another passion of hers, and further cut her teeth in learning from trial and error how to market online, grow and scale a business and make a good amount of money doing it.

Business Roadblocks

She noticed she had a skill set that others didn’t but desperately needed. Although she had the marketing skills to help clients she wasn’t in the right mindset to successfully sell her services to others. To overcome this she hired a coach to help her become more confident in her abilities and learn how to sell high ticker offers. This made all the difference in her business and set her free to take her clients to the next level.

The Blow Up Scale Up Method

Think Up

In the Think Up stage you’re just starting out but are dong the critical work of research to find out what your business will be about. What is your focus? Who is your target audience? Who is your avatar and what are you selling?

Kamila doesn’t personally work with clients who are at this stage but knowing where you are in your business and what comes next will help you develop a system of progression so you know what lies ahead.

Set Up

In the Set Up phase you know what you’re doing but need to set up the foundation for your business. You need to build your website and start building your email list so you have a warm audience to sell your products and services to.  This is the stage where you start making money and regularly acquiring customers.

Blow Up

The Blow Up phase is when entrepreneurs are ready for Kamila’s expertise. These clients have a growing business but they want to really expand. They want to get more publicity and approach the six figure mark. Kamila specializes in helping them do just that.

Scale Up

At this stage your business has grown about as much as it can with you doing most of the work and now it’s time to hire a team to help do much of the low level activities. This is also where you start doing more paid ads and expand your business into the multiple six figure mark.

Free Up

This is the finally stage in Kamila’s process but one of the most exciting ones. At this stage you start to outsource as much of your business as possible so you can free up your time and mental resources to focus on other things beside your business.

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Kamila’s Website

Kamila’s Free Masterclass on enrolling more clients

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