065: How to sell digital marketing training to corporate clients with Kimanzi Constable

Kimanzi Constable and I had a great talk this week about how he sells digital marketing training to corporate clients and how he gets major exposure writing for large publications such as the Huffington Post and Entrepreneurs Magazine.

Kimanzi started his first business at 19 years old. He was always entrepreneurial and saw an opportunity to start a business running routes for bakery delivery drivers when they went on vacation. Although his business was successful he wanted more and decided to write a book.

He was passionate about telling the stories and the struggles of everyday working people and this was the focus of his book Tales of the Everyday Workingman (and Woman). Unfortunately, because he didn’t have an audience he wasn’t able to sell any copies initially and he was devastated. From this experience he dedicated himself to learning how to build an online audience.

Building an Audience and a Business

Kimanzi spent most of 2012 understanding how to build an audience and he wrote 60 guest posts and appeared on over 80 podcasts. In the process he was able to get a lot of visibility and visitors to his website. This process brought 500,000 visitors to his website and as a result he sold 45,000 copies of his two books that he was selling at the time.

From this experience he knew he had a skill others would want to learn so he began coaching others and doing local speaking gigs making him about $5,000 per month at the time.

In 2014 he started sending pitches to large publications to write for them and that is when things really started to take off for him. He started having companies reach out to him after reading his articles and ask him to train their staff on digital marketing.

These trainings started out with local businesses and then expanded to international companies reaching out to him. Now Kimanzi travels to around 16 countries a year doing trainings and consulting on digital marketing.

Getting Corporate Clients

I asked Kimanzi how others can get in on doing trainings for corporations. He said in order to get these gigs you have to build up your social proof and credibility and do it in a way that companies understand.

What these companies understand are things like writing for large publications, a large social media presence and writing a book because they often don’t understand things like Youtube followers, Podcast downloads or your podcast appearing in New and Noteworthy in iTunes that many in the internet business space would understand.

Kimanzi recommended that anyone looking to get into this should look for local businesses that they can pitch to. This pitch should include putting together a presentation based on research that shows you understand the problems the company has and that you have a viable solution for them.

Writing for Large Publications

To get into writing for large publications it starts with a good pitch and a good pitch article. That starts with researching what type of things the publication writes about and writing an article that matches what this publication focuses on.

Send this pitch to the editor of the section you want to write for and email them directly instead of using the typical “become a contributors” tab on their website. Kimazni said contacting the editor directly works much better.

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Kimanzi’s Website

Kimanzi’s Book Tales of the Everyday Workingman (and Woman)

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