064: Why you don’t need permission to be an entrepreneur with Adam Urbanski

Marketing mentor Adam Urbanski came by the Ballers Circle to discuss why, unlike most professions, you don’t need anyone’s permission to be an entrepreneur. We also discuss the psychology of promoting and selling a product customers really want.

Adam came to the US from Poland with very few skills and little money. The only thing he did have was a desire to become successful and a willingness to make mistakes and take action on the opportunities that would give him the skills and attention needed to reach his goals.

The Making of a Marketer

As he said during the interview his first job in the US was as a baker. He didn’t know anything about baking but he knew he needed a job and dedicated himself to learning everything about baking as fast as possible.

He took the same approach with learning to become a great marketer. Now he is one of the most sought after marketing coaches in the industry. 

Adam believes what holds a lot of people back is they are waiting for someone else to give them permission to start a business, sell a service or ask a client for money and become an expert. When you want a job you need permission to get hired, to get a raise or promotion and often to even do certain tasks. But one of my favorite things that Adam said during our interview was

“you don’t need anyone’s permission to be an entrepreneur.”

Transferring Confidence

Adam said people need to learn to get good at selling, which as he put it is just the transference of confidence. You’re transferring the confidence you have that you can help your prospect to them so they believe it too and want to pay you to help them. The problem is this only works if you first believe that you can help people and have confidence in what you do so you have something to transfer.

With all of this the first person you have to effectively sell is yourself. If you can’t do that it’s going to be a real uphill battle to sell anyone else. Selling yourself is so challenging for people according to Adam because people focus on what they don’t know instead of what they do.

Creating a Business That Will Last

When creating a business it’s really a waste of time and resources to develop something that will not stand the test of time. You’re obviously going to need products and services to sell and people to sell to. But first you need to figure out if their is anyone looking to buy what you want to sell.

Adam said a good way to figure out what to sell is to see what questions other experts are being asked on forums, in Facebook groups and during interviews and see what isn’t being answered. This will help you identify the gap in the market that you can fill. 

Even if you identify a gap that you don’t know anything about if you’re curious enough you can learn anything well enough to be able to teach it to others.

Don’t Focus on Perfection

A huge mistake many people make when starting out is obsessing over making everything perfect. Their website, their emails, their webinar, their sales pitch. If you don’t have years of experience it’s not going to be perfect. And even if you do it likely to still have flaws. It’s best to just get started and be ok with making mistakes and learning along the way.

Even if you ask or say the wrong things people have very short memories so people won’t even remember if you ask something stupid. Often people who are new get caught up in that fact that they don’t have many followers but that actually a good thing in the beginning.

That means not many people will see the terrible blog post you wrote or your first webinar that you stumble over yourself the entire time. If you keep at it by the time you have an audience you will be good at what you’re doing. You just need to keep a positive and long term mindset about it. 

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Adam’s Website The Marketing Mentors

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