063: June Monthly Roundup

In this episode I discuss my major takeaways from my interviews during the month of June. I discuss my interviews with Lechon Kirb from Brand Legend, Dr. Carrie Rose from Brand Legend, Mani Vaya from 2000 Books and Nicole Holland from Interviews that Convert.

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Lechon Kirb

First up is branding expert Lechon Kirb from Brand Legend and episode 59.  When Lechon was getting started he kept hearing people tell him how much his work was helping them gain brand awareness so he knew then that there was great value in what he was doing. 

He wanted to turn this into a real business so he looked at the way others he was helping were monetizing what they were doing and how they took advantage of the attention that he brought them. This is how he figured out what services he prospective clients needed most and how valuable it was to them so he could figure out what to charge.

Social Media Mistakes

We talked about what people are doing wrong on social media and Lechon said too many people and companies are too focused on using social media to make money instead of connecting with people. Lechon thinks this is a mistake.

He advised that everyone stop being transactional and focus more on the long term benefits of building real relationships with people. Not only is it more valuable it more natural and I think easier to do.

Lechon said you don’t grow a loyal following of champions for your company if your focus is just making money instead of making money while helping as many people as possible.

The Zig Ziglar quote

“You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

stands out to me when I think about this advice.

Lechon said you can do this by creating content around helping your audience instead of just selling a product. 

Networking like a Boss

Lechon is great at networking and knows that most people can’t stand it so he provided some great advice. He said instead of thinking about what can I get from this conversation or how can I impress this person just be authentic and have a real conversation. Lechon also said once you

“stop trying to be interesting and start being interested in what other people are doing networking become much easier.”

This starts with being genuinely curious about what the other person is doing and seeing what you have that can impact their lives. If during the conversation you figure out you can help them than offer to do so.

If not than you just had an interesting conversation and made a new connection that could lead to something in the future that you can’t see today.

Dr. Carrie Rose

Next is Lechon’s business partner at Brand Legend, Dr. Carrie Rose from episode 60. Carrie shared a lot of good advice on how to create a course people will want to complete. She said you first need to start with the sales page copy.

Carrie advised that course creator write the copy for the sales page before they create the course and then develop the course modules around what’s on the sales page so they end up creating a course that meets all of the points in the sales letter. 

Carrie said creators need to develop their course for the audience and not just dump all their knowledge on the students. Ask prospective students what they want and need to know before creating the course and given them what they are looking for.

Effective Course Development Criteria

Carrie suggested that creators break up their course content so small that people can skip what they already know. Only teach them what they need to know and create course modules that get them in and out as fast as possibles. Don’t make your course longer just to have the appearance of adding more value.

Make your lessons as bit sized as possible. Most people fall off videos at the 7 minute mark so Carrie encourages students to make 3 to 5 minute videos in courses. She also suggests that people make games out of completing sections of a course so they have more encouragement not to quit.

Mani Vaya

Next was Mani Vaya from 2000Books.com and episode 61. We started out talking about what inspired him to quit his well paying job to create a company making book summaries. He said it was a quote by economist Thomas Schelling that Mani paraphrased as saying in order to win at anything we must limit our options. We must take away options intentionally so we can focus our attention on the things we really want to accomplish. 

Taking Away All Other Options

This is an interesting idea and one Mani followed when starting his business. When we have too many options we aren’t giving our best to any one thing. Mani saved up and invested a lot of his cash so he could have a steady flow of income, reduced his expenses to the minimum and quit his job so he could focus 100% on his business. He said until you have no other options but to succeed you will always find a reason to put off doing the work that needs to be done to be successful.

I also enjoy Mani’s idea that entrepreneurs are made and not born. This goes against what most seem to think about entrepreneurs but I thinks he’s right. As Mani put it, those who are successful entrepreneurs spent years cutting their teeth and failing forward until they finally become an overnight success.

The more time you spend in entrepreneurship the higher your chances are of being successful at it.

Nicole Holland

Last up this month was Nicole Holland from Interviews that Convert and episode 62. Nicole grew much of her business and email list by first hosting virtual summits. She did a lot of research by buying people’s courses, learning from them and then asking them to be a guest on the summit if she thought they were a good fit.

She gave to them first by buying their program and that gave her the opportunity to learn a lot herself, build a relationship with the course creator and find out if they would be a good fit for what she wanted her summit attendees to learn. Because she wanted this summit to be of high quality she wasn’t afraid to say no to people who weren’t a fit and her business is build upon what she learned from the summit.

I like her approach for getting guests to her virtual summit. Although it’s an expensive approach to buy so many courses I think it’s a good strategy to connect with someone you admire and want to emulate by buying their products and building a relationship with them through that purchase.

I also really like that she wanted her virtual summit to be an event of high standard so she wasn’t willing to accept just anyone who said they would be a speaker, she only wanted and only accepted the best and most relevant speakers to ensure the event was a good experience for the attendees, the speakers and for her.

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