062: The Ins and Outs of Hosting a Virtual Summit with Nicole Holland

In this week’s episode podcast host and podcast guest interview consultant Nicole Holland talks about what is involved in creating a virtual summit and what’s in it for you, your guests and your attendees. We also discussed the development of her business, Interviews that Convert.

Nicole Holland has spent the last few years building a business that speaks to both her skill sets and who she is as a person. She has figured out the type of clients she wants to work with and those she would rather avoid, which makes for a happy business building experience.

Back in Business

Not having a network and being out of the business for nearly ten years, Nicole decided to grow her network and email list by putting on a virtual summit. She committed to doing it for three years and put on the first one in 2015.

She was compelled to develop a summit because she was frustrated with what she saw in the marketplace. She had trusted people who weren’t necessarily a fit to teach her what she needed to know to build her business. She also saw that the summits that others put on focused on one topic and had multiple experts providing different perspective on mastering that topic.

She felt this was a bit overwhelming, especially for someone new. She wanted to have a summit but she thought it was more valuable to hear multiple people discussing different topics to get a well round perspective on all aspects of business building.

After putting on her summit two years in a row in 2015 and 2016 we discussed what was involved in developing a summit and why she decided that 2017 will be the last year that she will put one on.

It’s Virtual Summit Time

In planning for her virtual summit Nicole had to bring together expects, attendees and technical people to pull it all off. She did the summit virtually because when she first started she didn’t know anyone in the industry and didn’t have a business at the time.

It would have been much more difficult and expensive to host a live event so a virtual summit was the ideal way to build a network and industry credibility.

In preparing for her summit Nicole did a lot of research on who she wanted to speak during the summit that could benefit the attendees the most. She did this research by buying people’s programs, learning from them and then asking them to be a guest on the summit, if what they taught was something Nicole felt summit attendees needed to learn to be successful.

Her focus was on making the summit as valuable for attendees as possible so she wasn’t afraid to say no to people who requested to be a part of the summit but weren’t a fit. Nicole is now glad she did it that way because her business is built upon the connections she made and what she learned from the summit.

Advice for Those Thinking of Creating a Virtual Summit

Nicole advised that anyone thinking about creating a virtual summit should plan a summit at least 3 months out.  She said they should also should be thinking about what they are willing to give in order to make the summit a success.

In Nicole’s case she made sure to make speaking at the summit as valuable for her guest speakers as possible by making it easy for them to attend. She also did the marketing for them so they could build their reach as an expert as a result of speaking at Nicole’s summit.

Nicole said if you’re going to ask people to speak at your event or to be on your podcast you need to give to them first. Let them know you have been following them and consuming their content or that you bought their course and loved it.

This is how she made connection with the influencial people she had at her summit.

The Next Business Venture

Nicole got the idea for her current business, Interviews that Convert, which helps people grow their influence by becoming successful podcast guest, by being on others podcasts and seeing what it was like to be a podcast guest herself. She also realized that when she did interviews their were certain guests that she enjoyed interviewing and others she didn’t.

She thought about what those who were on her show did that made the interview better and what she was able to do on other podcasts as a guest to make the program better. She realized their was a need for people to learn how to be a good podcast guest and how to get booked on podcasts to growth their audience.

Testing Her Big Idea

From here she launched her business as a beta program as she built it. In her beta group she only had people who already knew her so she could have a good test group for starting out.

The beta group was essential to her success because in the beginning she had the knowledge but just not the understanding of how to transfer it during a course. Her beta group gave her the feedback that she needed to create something powerful that she could sell. 

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