060: Growing Your Brand by Improving Your Course Completion Rate with Dr. Carrie Rose

Dr. Carrie Rose from Brand Legend stopped by the Ballers Circle to discuss why online course completion rates are so low and why this negatively affects the brand of the course creator and what can be done about it.

Sometimes bad experiences help us develop a passion for helping others through what we went through. In the case of Dr. Carrie Rose, struggling through school drove her to develop a passion for improving the education experience for others.

She is an expert helping course creators develop courses that student will actually complete. This is a win win for both the course creator and the student.

When course creators have students that complete their courses and implement what they learn those students can become raving fans about your course and help spread the word. They also benefit because they get to solve whatever problem they bought your course to solve.

What Course Purchasers Can Do to Complete a Course They’ve Paid For

From the perspective of the course taker, completing or not completing a course equates to getting  what you paid for (assuming the course is actually good) or completely wasting your money. If you buy a course and don’t complete it you never actually know if it would have done what you bought it to do.

Carrie said as a course takers you should make deadlines for when you will complete certain parts of a course you paid for and stick to your deadlines. If you miss a deadline don’t give up but try to figure out why you missed it and what you can do to stay on track.

Often people don’t complete courses once they start to dive into it because it’s not as exciting as they thought it would be or because they get distracted by something else that seems faster, more interesting or easier.

How to Get People to Complete a Course You Created

Carrie said course creators need to start thinking about how to get people to complete their course early in the course development process. She said creators should write the copy for the course sales page before they create the course so they create a course that meets all of the points in the sales letter.

She also suggested that as a course creator you create your course for your audience and if you don’t have an audience look at what already exists and what audiences those courses were created for to get an idea for your own course development project.

This means you’re thinking about what your audience needs to learn the most. Not just throwing every piece of knowledge you have on a topic into a course.

She also suggested creating an easy to follow course map and making your course bit size enough so it’s not overwhelming for someone going through the material.

Another added benefit of creating your course this way is your students have the ability to skip sections if they already know the material.

The Construction of a Course Students Want to Complete

To get your students in the right mindset about your course from the start its a good idea to explain how long the course is, what it includes, how it is broken up and what results student should expect.

This helps them set correct expectations for the course so they are less likely to be disappointed after they buy the course and also less likely to request a refund.

Carrie said most people fall off videos at the seven minute mark so she encourages her clients to make 3-5 minute videos in their courses.

She also suggested that creators make games out of the completion of the course sections so course students have rewards and incentives for making their way through your course.

Teach How Your Students Learn

Another import topic we got into was teaching to different learning styles. Carrie said teachers need to combine different tactics that work for different learners by including aspects of your course that appeal to auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners.

A simple way to do this is to make videos and strip out the audio for audio only consumption. You can also provide a transcript of the audio for those who prefer to read over watching or listening to your material or a combination of the three.

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