059: Making connections that drive sales with Lechon Kirb

Lechon Kirb from Brand Legend shared how brands can best connect with their audiences. He also shared his strategy for making the most out of networking events by creating a lasting impression on those you meet.

Lechon fell in love with photography after picking up a camera from one of his friends in the Marine Corp. He loved how he could craft a story with imagery and how he could make others see someone in a totally different light by the way he presented them to the world.

Discovering His Gift

The more Lechon crafted stories for people the more the word got out about his skills. He noticed that he was able to affect the way people felt about a brand and that he was having a major impact on brand awareness.

Lechon kept hearing people tell him how much his work was helping them so he knew then that their was great value in what he was doing. He started watching how those he helped were monetizing their brand and decided it was time to monetize his own. 

Growing Brand Awareness

From his experience helping influencers and companies growth their brands he provided some great insight during our interview for everyone to follow. Lechon pointed out that many big companies are in the business of making money instead of connecting with people, which Lechon thinks is a mistake.

He said what they need to do is stop being transactional and learn how to make real connections with real people. Lechon added that you don’t grow a loyal following or champions for your company if your focus is just making money instead of making money while helping as many people as possible.

Lechon’s advice is to create content around helping your audience instead of just selling a product.

It’s also important to think about who your product is truly right for because it’s not right for everyone. Identifying who your product is right for and who it isn’t right for will help you focus your attention on the right people.

Don’t sell to the wrong people and don’t hold your product back from those whom your product is right for.

Leveraging Social Media

Lechon is a lover of social media, especially for brand awareness. He said if you’re not leveraging social media you’re missing a great opportunity to connect with customers where they like to show up.

If you’re going to use social media however, show up with authenticity, meaning just be yourself.

By doing this you will align with those people who are like you. This will push some people away but it will make those who are like you really like you. 

Lechon said stop thinking about how much engagement you will get and focus on thinking about being as authentic as possible. Don’t waste time trying to be to prolific and over think what you’re going to post. Just post what comes to mind naturally.

In his personal posts Lechon doesn’t worry about his engagement or number of shares. He just posts what comes naturally and allows those who are really his tribe to come to him.

Networking Like a Boss

Lechon and I also had a good conversation about how to excel in a networking opportunity. He said while networking don’t worry about having an instant conversion or instant gratification. Just focus on adding value to others and spending time building relationships with people.

Lechon said stop trying to be interesting and start being interested in what other people are doing. Be curious about what they are doing and see what you have that can impact their lives. If you take some time to listen and consider their concerns you’ll often find that you have more to offer than you imagined.

To aid in this process Lechon stopped carrying business cards because if he meets someone and doesn’t have a good enough conversation to exchange information like he would with a friend, there is no point in getting a business card.

He pointed out, and rightfully so, that people leave conferences all the time with a stack of business cards and never do anything with them.

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