058: May Monthly Roundup

On this episode I’ll will be going through my takeaways from my interviews during the month of May with Simplero creator Calvin Correli, Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income podcast, and Sales Coach Petra Foster. I’m excited! This is going to be fun.

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Calvin Correli

First up this month was Simplero creator Calvin Correli from episode 55. My main takeway from my interview with Calvin was his perspective on getting things done in his business and the mindset needed to see success.

Going with the Flow

When describing how he get things done and stays productive Calvin said he goes with the energy that is naturally there and he doesn’t trying to force himself to work when he is not in the mood to do so. This result in more productivity because he it allows his body to it can be the most efficient and least stressed.

Calvin said before you start any business you need to ask yourself if you are willing to stick it out even when you aren’t doing well. Even when your business is failing and you feel uncertain about the future. If the answer is no then you shouldn’t start that business because those moments will inevitably come.

The key to success is to just keep going regardless of the past or current results. Calvin said no company ever dies mid keystroke so keep at it until it works or you die.

Pat Flynn

Next was Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income and episode 56. I just loved how Pat broken down what getting you first initial sales does for you self confidence as an entrepreneur and how he went about setting boundaries in his business to ensure he would have an acceptable balance between his work and family life.

Show Me the Money

A lot of internet entrepreneurs talk about when they made their first dollar online because actually making money, no matter how small is validation that it’s possible to actually produce income online. Pat had the same experience when he received his first Google Ad Sense commission.

Pat had been laid off from his architecture job and sought out internet business as a way to find replacement income. Although that Ad Sense commission was only pennies, it validated that his idea was working and all he had to do was grow those pennies into dollars.

Meanwhile, he was still applying for architecture jobs hoping to get back into the industry that he went to school for. He also felt at the time that architecture would provide more certain income than his online business.

Pat was getting massive traffic to his website before even learning about SEO and he took the advice of his mastermind group to write an eBook to monetize his site.

He also hired a voice over artist to make an audiobook version of his eBook and began selling them as a package. He was nervous about the $1,500 he had to spend on the voice over artist because it was a lot of money for something unproven at the time and for someone without another source of income.

After seeing the results he was glad he made that investment because he made that $1,500 back within the first two days of launching his eBook. Over the next month he made over $8,000, which was 2.5 times what he was making in his previous job as an architect.

This was the point of total validation.

Business Boundaries

Once Pat’s business started to really take off he got so excited about it that all he wanted to do was spend more and more time on his business. He was newly married at the time and his wife noticed that his focus was always on his business and he often found himself not listening to her while she was talking because he was thinking about his next business move.

He said his wife did him a huge favor when she called him out and pointed out that his attention and time were no longer on her and more and more on his business. It was negatively affecting their relationship. This was eye opening and made Pat change the way he operated his business.

He decide to create specific business hours and let his wife know what those hours were so there was a clear distinction between when he was working and when he wasn’t. He also set up a physical working space and decided that no work could be done outside that space so he had both a time and physical boundary for his business.

He said these things greatly improved his relationship and has allowed him to be the type of husband and father that he wants to be.

Petra Foster

Last we had to lovely Petra Foster come and show us what selling is all about and how she used her intuition and experience to develop a sales process that anyone can follow to boost their high ticket sales numbers.

Petra teaches her students to focuses on learning how to connect with their audience, book a consultation and close a sale on the first call.

The first step is to create a branded position in the marketplace. You need to know where you fit in the hearts and minds of your audience.

Petra said people struggle because they don’t know how to position themselves in the marketplace. Said also said your brand is what people think, feels, and hope for about you so you want to create what people think of you and place it in their minds.

You want to convey that you’re a premium expert that will solve their problems and craft your messaging around that so people see the value in what you offer.

Next you have to create a marketing message. This tells you audience what you do and why they should care. You need to have a clear message that sets you apart from others.

Educated your audience on their problem and let them know that their is a solution and that you are the solution. Don’t have a generic message but focus on what sets you apart.

Create premium package that shows how you get your clients from pain to joy. Ditch the hourly rate and instead start charging a premium of $3-5k for your package.

Show them what results they will be able to achieve at the end of your program so they can see the value and return on investment for what they are paying for. In her business, Petra promises her clients will enroll high ticket clients within six weeks or less.

Next you need to know how to book consultations. Practice and become good at attracting clients, getting them engaged and getting them to listen to you.

This leads to the two step sales process that starts with booking a consultation to go through a pre-qualification process.

Petra trains her client to know how to have a sales conversation with the goal being for the prospect to say yes or no on that first call.

In order for this to work during the consultation call you need to discover the needs and how you can serve those needs.
You want them to say yes or no on that call and not an excuse to put making a decision off such as I want to think about it or I need to talk to my spouse or I need to check out another program first.

Even before the consultation call prospects are wondering subconsciously if you are credible, if they will be in safe hands with you, are you competent, are you inspiring, and are you sensitive to their needs. You have to address all these things during the sales call.

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