057: How to Position Yourself to Sell High Ticket Programs with Petra Foster

All I can say is wow! This week Petra Foster blew the roof off the Ballers Circle with an interview packed full of actionable advice on personal branding and marketplace positioning that any internet entrepreneur can benefit from.

It All Started With Confidence

Petra was inspired to get into entrepreneurship through an unfortunate accident her husband go into. After her and her husband decided his job was too dangerous for him to continue they leverage his artistic skill and her sales skills to build a thriving t-shirt and embroidery business.

Petra would fearlessly go door to door selling her service to local shops and used her natural ability to connect with people, explain the value of her service and her extreme confidence to sell her product at a premium to what her competition was selling.

Petra had success because she was bold, confident, likeable and shared the benefits of her services so well that customers didn’t hesitate to sign up. She would go to local business meeting and talk about her success and people would ask her if she would train them in branding and sales, which was the start of her current business.

Be Fearless

Petra said many people struggle because they are scared to sell their services. They don’t know how much other people need and are waiting for their services and they don’t believe in what they are doing so they hide.

Petra believed in herself so much that she sold t-shirts that were 4 times the price people could find online. She said everyone thinks customer are going to price check but many customers don’t always do pricing research and don’t know if your prices are higher than others.

When she was selling everyone didn’t say yes but she didn’t allow that to bother her. What kept her going was that her why for finding success in her business was bigger than her fear. She didn’t want her husband to go back to work at his dangerous job.

What Other People Are Doing Wrong

Petra said lots of people fail in their businesses because they do everything other than selling. They spend time and money building websites and building online courses but the only thing they need to do in the beginning is learn how to sell so they can make money now.

Petra’s Sales in Six Process

Petra teaches her students to focuses on learning how to connect with their audience, book a consultation and close a sale on the first call.

The first step is to create a branded position in the marketplace. You need to know where you fit in the hearts and minds of your audience.

Petra said people struggle because they don’t know how to position themselves in the marketplace. Said also said your brand is what people think, feels, and hope for about you so you want to create what people think of you and place it in their minds.

You want to convey that you’re a premium expert that will solve their problems and craft your messaging around that so people see the value in what you offer.

Next you have to create a marketing message. This tells you audience what you do and why they should care. You need to have a clear message that sets you apart from others.

Educated your audience on their problem and let them know that their is a solution and that you are the solution. Don’t have a generic message but focus on what sets you apart.

Create premium package that shows how you get your clients from pain to joy. Ditch the hourly rate and instead start charging a premium of $3-5k for your package.

Show them what results they will be able to achieve at the end of your program so they can see the value and return on investment for what they are paying for. In her business, Petra promises her clients will enroll high ticket clients within six weeks or less.

Next you need to know how to book consultations. Practice and become good at attracting clients, getting them engaged and getting them to listen to you.

This leads to the two step sales process that starts with booking a consultation to go through a pre-qualification process.

Petra trains her client to know how to have a sales conversation with the goal being for the prospect to say yes or no on that first call.

In order for this to work during the consultation call you need to discover the needs and how you can serve those needs.
You want them to say yes or no on that call and not an excuse to put making a decision off such as I want to think about it or I need to talk to my spouse or I need to check out another program first.

Even before the consultation call prospects are wondering subconsciously if you are credible, if they will be in safe hands with you, are you competent, are you inspiring, and are you sensitive to their needs. You have to address all these things during the sales call.

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