055: Developing an online software company with Calvin Correli

In this episode I speak with Simplero creator Calvin Correli. We discussed how he developed his skills as a coder, how he got the idea for Simplero and how he was able to grow the company organically. 

I really enjoy speaking with the founder of great online companies and Calvin Correli is one of them. His company Simplero take the functions of many essential online business tools, such as email marketing, landing pages, tracking and analytics, shopping carts and scheduling. It takes the service of many different tools and put them all in one package making it a great value, especially if your already paying monthly for these other services that Simplero replaces.

Building a Sustainable Business

Calvin had some great advice about way to build a sustainable business. He said you need to figure out what your good at and also what makes you feel alive. Often those two things aren’t the same. Your business doesn’t necessarily have to be something that makes you feel alive but if you can find a business model that brings you both that is ideal.

For calvin software development isn’t something that brings him alive but it’s something that he is really good at. However, since he is so good at it he uses it to provide an income and find other out lets for what makes him feel the most alive.

To find that thing that makes you feel the most alive Calvin said think about what moments stood out to you the most growing up. What type of people do you enjoy being around and environments make you feel most alive.

Going with the Flow

When describing how he get things done and stays productive Calvin said he goes with the energy that is naturally there and he doesn’t trying to force himself to work when he is not in the mood to do so. This result in more productivity because he it allows his body to it can be the most efficient and least stressed.

Calvin said before you start any business you need to ask yourself if you are willing to stick it out even when you aren’t doing well. Even when your business is failing and you feel uncertain about the future. If the answer is no then you shouldn’t start that business because those moments will inevitably come.

The key to success is to just keep going regardless of the past or current results. Calvin said no company ever dies mid keystroke so keep at it until it works or you die.

To listen to the full interview click the link below.

Simplero email marketing, shopping cart, content delivery


Calvin’s Website

Calvin’s marketing software Simplero


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