054: April Monthly Roundup

On this episode I talk about my takeaways from my interviews this month with copywriting expert Laura Peterson, Facebook Ads strategist and affiliate marketer JR Rivas and podcast host and strategist Yann Ilunga.

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Laura Peterson

First up this month was Laura Peterson, the host of the podcast Copy That Pops from episode 51.

The Elements of a Good Podcast

Laura is of the philosophy that in order to have a compelling podcast or really any type of compelling content, you need to either entertain or education people. Those are the two things that people will come back again and again for and the best content does both entertain and educate.

Laura said you have to master the art of writing short copy. You need to learn to write copy that is grab people’s attention. Write headline and descriptions of you episodes that are punchy, interesting, and that grabs the attention of your audience.

You can learn by looking at what others are doing who are successful and model that.

Tips on Scaling Your Business

If you want to work with partners you need to pick business partners that are just a committed as you are.
Laura found herself starting a business with 2 other partners and she was the only one meeting deadlines and doing all the work. Needless to say that relationship didn’t last very long.

Laura also said you need to know when you need help and be willing to hire someone proven to get you to your goal faster. She hired a coach when she was ready to see the value in what her mentor offered and was ready to get the help she needed. Often it takes some time for the pain that is in our lives to grow large enough for us to see the value in paying for help.

JR Rivas

Next up is Facebook Ads strategist and affiliate marketer JR Rivas from episode 52.

When JR tried his hand at internet business the first time five years ago it only took one failure for him to decide to quit. Now he sees what a mistake that was and how much further along he would be if he had just stuck it out and continued learning and tweaking until he figured out what caused his failure.

JR learned that if you’re not making money online and other people are you’re just missing the knowledge and experience to get to where they are. Then all you need to do is find a resource to get the knowledge and put in the time to implement it and get experience until you fully understand it.

In JR’s case he got the knowledge from a course and found a group of likeminded internet entrepreneurs to form a mastermind group with on Facebook. He participated in a group chat with them daily, basically all day long, sharing ideas about what’s working and what isn’t.

His struggle in the beginning was understand how to write compelling Ads copy. He had to learn and test consumer psychology to find a model that worked for him. He said you can learn this stuff all day long in a class or from a mentor but until you start doing it and testing it you won’t really understand it.

Yann Ilunga

The last interview this month was with podcast host and strategist Yann Ilunga from episode 53.

Yann had some great advice around what to focus on as you learn and grow your podcast.

Yann has three keys to finding success with anything you learn.

The first is to test it. You have to implement the knew found knowledge as quickly as possible so you can learn what works and what doesn’t. While you’re testing you need to track your stats to see if what you’re doing is working.

Finally, once you have some experience and data to support how you implementation is going you want to tweak what you’re doing until it starts to work for you. This could take a week, or a month or a year but if you don’t give up and keep doing this process you will be successful.

Then we talked about the business of podcasting. Yann clarified that a podcast in an of itself is a tool for a business to gain exposure and authority in a market but it’s not a business itself.

Yann’s advice to anyone new to podcasting and trying to figure out how to make money was to first set a goal you that is easily obtainable so you stay encouraged to keep going. Yann said your first goal should be making your first dollar so you have validated your idea.

Next you want to have a goal to cover your business expenses. After you make you first dollar and are coving you expenses then you want to figure out how to have some extra spending money.

Finally you can shoot for you big goals such as replacing your current income or making even more money that you make at your full-time job, if you have one.

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