053: Podcast affiliate marketing secrets with Yann Ilunga

Yann Ilunga brought the heat this week with a killer interview. We talked about how he got into podcasting, his three keys for success with implementing what you have learned and how to successfully sell affiliate products on a podcast.

Yann is the host of the 360 Entrepreneur podcast, the founder of the Podcast Success Virtual Summit and Podcast Success Academy. Yann like many others started life out on a traditional path. He went to college and planned to get a traditional job afterward. However the job market wasn’t great when he graduated so he decided to try starting a business instead.

This ended up being the best decision he could have made. If he stayed doing a traditional job and later decided to pick up and move somewhere else he would have to start all over and may not even have a legal right to work if he wanted to move to another country.

However, with an online business he could start it up wherever he wanted and if he decided to move it wouldn’t affect his business at all.

Yann’s advice for success in online business boiled down to a few simple principals. First was to stop comparing yourself with others. It totally ok to be inspired by someone else but don’t trying to be just like them. If you copy someone else’s style and personality instead of being yourself you creating more work for yourself and making it harder for your audience to connect with you because you will not come across as genuine.

Three Keys to Finding Success with Something You Learn

Yann has three keys to finding success with anything you learn.

The first is to test it. You have to implement the knew found knowledge as quickly as possible so you can learn what works and what doesn’t. While you’re testing you need to track your stats to see if what you’re doing is working.

Finally, once you have some experience and data to support how you implementation is going you want to tweak what you’re doing until it starts to work for you. This could take a week, or a month or a year but if you don’t give up and keep doing this process you will be successful.

Then we talked about the business of podcasting. Yann clarified that a podcast in an of itself is a tool for a business to gain exposure and authority in a market but it’s not a business itself.

Yann’s advice to anyone new to podcasting and trying to figure out how to make money was to first set a goal you that is easily obtainable so you stay encouraged to keep going. Yann said your first goal should be making your first dollar so you have validated your idea.

Next you want to have a goal to cover your business expenses. After you make you first dollar and are coving you expenses then you want to figure out how to have some extra spending money.

Finally you can shoot for you big goals such as replacing your current income or making even more money that you make at your full-time job, if you have one.

You Must be Unique to be Successful

Being unique is what will draw an audience to you that fastest. The best and easiest way to be unique is to be yourself. Put as much of your personality into your business as possible because your personality is what makes you unique and what will draw your perfect audience to you.

Yann also shared what he thinks are the important things to focus on and what not to focus on. He said don’t focus on things you can’t control like podcast downloads but focus on things you can control like the uniqueness of the show and the quality.


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