052: How to jump start your internet business with JR Rivas

This week JR Rivas and I had a great conversation about his start and quick rise in the internet marketing space. He was able to get to the $10k per month mark within 9 month of starting his business and he hasn’t looked back.

JR grew up without a lot of money or resources but from a very young age he knew he wanted to be wealthy and successful. From looking around at the incomes of people who had typical 9-5 jobs he also knew it wasn’t likely that he was going to make the kind of money he wanted to make from a traditional job.

He knew entrepreneurship was the route he needed to go to make the kind of money he wanted to make and having an online business was his dream.

Introduction to Internet Business

He first got introduced online business through a video of Russell Brunson explaining how he made hundreds of thousands of dollars in college selling courses on how to make a potato gun. Russell outsourced all the tech stuff that he didn’t know how to do so JR tried to do something similar when was 17 but his Google Adwords account got shut down and that was the end of that venture.

After finding success starting a few tax franchise offices JR decided when he was 22 to sell his offline business and try internet marketing again. This time he decide to take a course on Facebook Ads and began his own Facebook Ads agency and run Facebook Ads to sell affiliate products.

While he was learning he was reminded of an internet marketer telling him that if anyone online is making money and you’re not, the only difference is that they have the knowledge and experience that you need to gain. So JR set out to learn and gain the right knowledge and put it into action to gain the experience.

He formed a mastermind group with some others learning to become internet marketers on Facebook and participated in a group chat with them each day sharing ideas and success stories. His biggest hurdle was learning consumer psychology and testing it out until he really understood how it worked.

The Tipping Point

He spent about 4-5 months learning and testing and then he made his first $1,000 online. The next month it was $4,500. The next he made $9,100. And the month after that he made $14,000.

With his enormous success with his Facebook Ads agency he decided to make his first digital product and he created a Facebook Ads course of his own, which made over $10,000 on JR’s first webinar.

JR and I discussed the metrics he focuses on and the ones he doesn’t pay attention to with his Facebook Ads and his experience working with his first few clients.

We also discussed his strategy for getting engagement and interest in his services and products. Whenever JR had a success he posted about it on his Facebook page and in Facebook groups. This sparked interest from others seeing him post who then reached out to learn how he was making money.

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