051: From teacher to podcast marketing entrepreneur with Laura Petersen

Former teacher turned internet baller Laura Petersen from Podtent Marketing dropped by the Ballers Circle to talk about her entrepreneurial journey. She now has an online test prep company and a podcast production and marketing company but failed with many other business idea before finding success. Find out how Laura turned it all around in this episode.

Laura grew up in beautiful Southern California. Since neither of her parents graduated from college she was told the best model for success was to go to college, study hard, get the best grades you can and then find a good job.

Although that models works well for many people, Laura wanted more than just a job. She started on the track her parents laid out for her but when she did a study abroad in Germany during college she realized she loved to travel and a whole new world of people and ideas opened up to her.

When she got home from the trip her dad gave her the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and this really opened her eyes to the possibilities of taking control of her income and work experience through entrepreneurship. She didn’t know much about it at the time but dedicated herself to figuring it out.

Laura’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Initially Laura tried to build a few businesses. She tried starting her first business with some partners and found out she was the only one willing to do the work necessary to build a business. As is the case with most new entrepreneurs her first few ventures didn’t work out.

She decided to take a break from entrepreneurship and go back to school to get her masters in education and later took a job teaching online classes at a local community college. Teaching online allowed her to pick up traveling again and funded her next set of business ventures.

While traveling she started a training and test prep company with a partner and made sure she found a partner this time that she knew was as committed as she was. She later realized that their was a untapped market for podcast production and marketing so she start Podtent Marketing.

Having a Successful Podcast

Laura said to have a good podcast that listener will want to come back to again and again you have to either entertain or education people. If your show doesn’t do either of those listener have no reason to come back.

One of her focuses is on copywriting that will help grow a podcast. She said you need to have show titles and descriptions that are punchy, interesting, and that grab the attention of the audience.

This short form copywriting can be often be difficult. Laura suggested you look at what others are doing who are successful podcasters and model the type of show description and titles that you see them using.

Laura Personal Discoveries That Led to Her Success

Laura knew early on that she had some limiting beliefs and mental blocks that were preventing her from making the kind of progress with her business and the type of income she knew she was capable of. She hired a coach to help her through these mental blocks and learn some powerful lessons.

She learned to not be attached to the way she makes money and the timeline for making money. This meant allowing new ideas and method to come into her head and considering them. It also meant letting go a financial goals that were time bound and just focusing on doing whats best for her business believing every will work out.

She hired a coach when she was ready to see the value in what the mentor offered. That is an important point because sometimes it take you be feel enough pain in an area of your life before you’re willing to appreciate the value of someone who can take that pain away.

Not only is this something to be mindful of in yourself but it often is the reason prospects have objection to your offer. The pain has become big enough for them yet.

Delegate Your Way to Success

Laura made a great point that in order to be successful you need to create and write down processes that others can follow and outsource some of your work so you have time to focus on the most value addd activities or the activities that you enjoy the most.

Business can only grow to a certain point if you not willing to let go of some of the tasks and give them to others, even if they aren’t as good at doing the task as you are.

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