033: Living Out of Luxury Resorts with Erica Duran

Business and lifestyle design coach Erica Duran dropped by the Ballers Circle to share how she lives out of luxury resorts full-time and how you can do it too. She also shares how she helps her clients build businesses and lifestyles that they love.

I had a great interview with Erica Duran. Erica is a business coach and lifestyle design coach who helps people build a business that allows them to have the freedom and income that they desire.

She is a full-time traveler who lives out of luxury hotels and gets the hotels to sponsor her stay by promoting them on her podcast.

Revenue Streams

Her business has one-on-one coaching, a VIP day at a luxury hotel, and a group coaching and mastermind segment. She typically has four or five revenue streams at a time and most of her revenue comes from her one-on-one coaching.

She targets women who have been struggling to build an internet business who have been piecing together free information for a few years and have become frustrated with how long the process has taken.

She shows these women how to build their ideal business and lifestyle more productively and enjoyably.

Luxury Sponsorship

Although Erica has a podcast she didn’t start it out how many other people do.

Erica went after her clients and building her business, as she put it, “like my hair was on fire”.

She was tired of putting in the work first and hoping to make money from her efforts so before she launched her podcast she went out and found luxury resort sponsors for the show so she knew she wouldn’t be working for free.

I was actually amazed by this because most people think you need to have thousands of downloads before a sponsor will consider you but Erica said she just went out to a few businesses that she thought would be a good fit for her coaching and lifestyle business and reached out to them about sponsorship without providing any metrics.

She said many of these sales managers who are responsible for setting up sponsorships don’t know what metric to ask for any way so you often can get the sponsorship without any metric at all like she did.

Erica’s Coaching Business

Erica works with client to help them figure out why they really want to be in business and who their ideal audience would be. She said the best way to get clear on why you want to be in business and who your target market is is to hire a coach that specializes in that sort of work.

She said if you can’t afford to hire a coach right now the next best thing to do is start journaling and get your thoughts about the type of lifestyle you want to live and the type of business you want to build out of your head and on paper so you can review it later.

Meditation can also help a lot and Erica learned how to meditate through an app called Headspace, which she equates to a gym membership for your mind.

[I downloaded the app but haven’t used it yet. I’ll report back later on how it works.]

Finding the Right Coach

She said most people probably don’t need a coach but what a coach will do for you is cut your learning curve.

Instead of struggling for four or five years you can get your time back and business up and running much faster.

Erica said you need to find a coach that is living the lifestyle that you want to live and that you feel comfortable with because you are going to have to open up to this person about your fears and struggles and this can be hard if you don’t feel comfortable with this person.

Erica likes working with clients that have a since of humor and that are trying to do something different that others aren’t doing. She said she won’t work harder on someone else’s business than they are willing to work.

She is looking for client who are committed and serious about building a business and aren’t just dipping their toe in the water.

This makes perfect since. If you’re not sure about whether or not you want to start a business I think it makes since to consume as much content as you can through free blog posts, podcast episodes like this one and YouTube videos until you figure out if you’re serious about starting a business.

You don’t want to waste your time and money hiring a coach if you’re not ready to do the work to build a business.

Don’t get me wrong. It perfectly ok to not be ready and everyone needs to come to the point when they are ready on their own terms. It’s just important to get to that point before shelling out the money to hire a coach.

What to Work on First When Starting an Internet Business

When she starts working with clients that aren’t yet making a consistent $3-5k per month she works on getting them to that level first. For her that means not worry about a website, logo or things like that Erica consider nice to have but not the things to focus on right away.

That is an interesting perspective because I have always been of the opinion that you need things like a website and logo to look professional but I like Erica approach of making some money first and then worry about other things that will help grow the business.

She said it’s hard to make branding decisions when you can’t pay the rent. Her tagline is progress and not perfection.

Erica said all of your sales in the beginning with be based on relationships and visibility so the branding isn’t as important at that stage.

What Mentors Did for Erica

Erica’s mentors really simplified for her what she needed to focus on because she was over complicating things and trying too hard to be a perfectionist.

Having someone else to talk to that can point out things that she knew but wasn’t really as aware of how important they were until someone else pointed them out was very helpful.

Erica said she may have spent money on coaches and courses that didn’t work out the way she expected but she doesn’t have any regrets because she has learned something from all of her good and bad decisions.

As part of being a lifestyle design coach she helps people figure out what they really want and makes sure their answer is what they really want and not what their family or friends want for them.
She start this process by digging into what motivates them now and what has motivated them in the past. She asks them what they do when they are not trying to make money to get an idea of their interest or what they wanted to be when they were a child to possibly tap into what really motivates them.

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