025: Why You Need a Coach with Erica Castner

Erica Castner, AKA The Queen of Results, stopped by the Ballers Circle to discuss the power of building strategic partnerships, the struggles she encountered while building her business and why you always need a coach in your life.

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Erica Castner is a business consultant and breakthrough coach. She helps business owners build a collaborative network of strategic referral partners and is the founder of, Queen of Results Coaching & Consulting.

Erica is also the host of the podcast “Power Factor Biz Chat”, where she interviews the most powerful and influential business building experts, throughout the world.

Erica and I got on a call to discuss her business, how she became a coach and what her experience was hiring her own coach.

Why You Should Hire a Coach

When asked why someone would need to hire a coach Erica said you need someone to be your accountability partner and it can’t be your mom or your spouse. It needs to be someone who can look at your situation from a thirty thousand foot view and really dig into your business and push you toward growth.

Again and again she stressed that you can’t grow while still in your comfort zone so you need someone who will hold your feet to the fire and get you to make the decisions that will help you really grow.

I certainly understand this concept as I know how easy it is to not do what’s hard or uncomfortable because we all want to be comfortable and can justify why it’s a good idea to put off something we know we need to do so we can avoid the pain of stepping out of our comfort zone.

I certainly see the value of hiring a coach who is good at pushing you out of that place and into a place that will help you reach your goals and ultimately the real level of comfort that comes from success.

When you really think about it its a trade off. It trading comfort now for more comfort later.

Coaching Should be Ongoing

Erica also advised that coaching should be ongoing. Throughout your life there will always be something a coach can help you work through and solve faster than you could on you own.

You will out grow your coaches and mentors over time so you will need to keep shifting and growing into new coaches and mentors who can help you with your current problem.

When Erica was looking to become a coach she was able to discover what she could do for her clients when she went to business owners and learned what they needed most and how her skills matched up with those needs. 

She also shared her personal story of what her previous coach was able to do for her.

She knew she was eating and drinking more than she would like to. She hired a coach to identify what was causing this and as a result was able to get past road blocks from her childhood that were affecting her as an adult.

She continues to hire coaches even as a coach because she needs her coaches to show her what she doesn’t know.

The Queen of Results

As a coach, Erica helps business owners create strategic partnership with others in the market place so there is a win win for both in this relationship. This is why she is the queen of results. These partnerships help her clients see better result much faster than they would alone.

I asked Erica how someone would build their credibility as a coach and she said through consistency. She advised anyone looking to get into coaching to position themselves as the expect in their field and be willing to put in the work to get the results they desire.

Erica said you can’t expect in the beginning to work 10 hours a month and to make $10k per month. If you want to big pay check you have to be willing to put in the hours to build a business that can operate at that level.

She knows this because the transition from being an employee building strategic partnerships to doing it in her own business took a lot more time and was harder to build credibility than she thought it would be.

To hear the full interview click below.

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The Queen of Results

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