Michael Pasha provides an introduction to the podcast and discusses his motivation for starting the show and what you can expect to hear in each episode.

This is the Internet Ballers podcast episode zero. Thank you for listening and welcome to the Ballers Circle.

I’m Michael Pasha, the host of the Internet Ballers podcast and on this episode it’s just going to be you and me.

For the most part this is an interview based show but in this episode I’m going to give you an overview of what you can expect from the podcast. I’m going to discuss who I am, how I got introduced to internet business,  why I started the show, and what you can expect to hear going forward.

Each week a new episode will come out where I will be interviewing an internet ballers. Someone building an internet business or someone who is an expert in a essential aspect of building an internet business such as internet marketing, social media, tools and technique, and setting goals and staying motivated through the inevitable struggles that will occur.   

Each month I will also do a monthly roundup episode where it will just be you and me again and I will discuss my takeaways from those I’ve interviewed that month and what I’m currently working on in my business.

What’s working, what’s not and how you can benefit from that knowledge.  

So first about me. I was born in Washington DC and grew up in a suburb outside of DC called Silver Spring, MD. Growing up I was always fascinated with money.

Whether anyone likes it or not we all needed money to do the things we want and need to do. I remember far too often that my family didn’t have the money to do the things we wanted to do.

We always had what we needed but often not what we wanted. I wanted to figure out how some people were able to acquire enough money to not only pay for what they needed but also what they wanted.

In college I studied finance and had dreams of working for a major financial firm. The people who seemed to have the most money were in finance so that was the direction I chose. I knew financial advisors at big name firms could make large sums of money so after I graduate from college I start working for Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor.

As much as I enjoyed helping people create financial plans for their future I become more interested setting up corporate retirement plan. I left Morgan Stanley and went to work for a mutual fund company called T.Rowe Price.

I worked in the Retirement Plan Sales Division for a few years until I decided that I wanted to go back to school to get my Masters in Business Administration.

I enrolled and spend two years in a full-time MBA program at the George Washington University School of Business. Their I deepened my financial knowledge and learned a lot about marketing, operations and managing people.

After I graduated I started working for a large consulting firm. Although I enjoyed the work that I did, from the beginning there was something missing that I needed to add to feel like I was in control of my future, and not someone else.

I found out that something was a freedom business.    

Probably similar to you I still have a day job that pays the bills. I continue to work as a consultant during the day. My nights and weekend however are dedicate to building my internet business.

I love internet entrepreneurship so much because of the possibilities it allows.

I was first introduced to internet business in 2013 after reading a book called Start a Freedom Business. Basically the book introduced me to the idea that people all over the world are creating internet based companies and making money, many a very generous full time income, from these internet businesses.

They guy who wrote the book was one of these people and he traveled full-time because all he needed to run his business was a computer and an internet connection.

The freedom to be able to pick up and live anywhere you want at a moments notice is so fascinating to me. To be able to create your own schedule because the internet never sleeps is pretty awesome because you can work the hours that are most convenient for your lifestyle not the other way around.

To be able to take control of your financial future and control how much money you make. These elements made up the freedom business and the freedom lifestyle and I have been working on designing my freedom business and freedom lifestyle ever since.


To me it’s not about necessarily quiting my job or moving to Thailand. But it is about having the option to do that if I ever decide I want to. It about living a life of intention and being proactive instead of reactive. One thing I know to be true is, if you don’t design your life someone else will do it for you. The people who are dedicated to building a freedom business, these people are internet ballers. These people come in many shapes and sizes and are at various stages in their business.           

I have been studying internet business for a few years. I have taken courses, studied the blogs, podcasts and case studies of the thought leaders in this industry and have implemented what I have learned in my own business.

I have experimented with many of the best practices for becoming an influencer in your chosen niche and want to share what I have learned, the good the bad and the ugly with you.

The show will have guests who are at various stages in their businesses. Some people have put in the work of educating themselves in internet marketing and business and have implemented the knowledge they have acquired and made their first dollar in their business.

I love this type of guest because they have great insight into how to get started and go from knowing very little about internet business to making that first dollar because they recently went through it.

The show will have guests who have consistently been making a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month who have learned how to consistently make money and drive traffic and have made it through some of the most significant money milestones. These people are really going through the growing pains in their business and have a lot to share.

Last we have our guests who are in a league of their own. These guests have 6 and 7 figure internet businesses and have great insight on how to be successful long term and grown a business into a steady full-time income and truly live the freedom lifestyle.

They have successfully navigated through the jungle of online business and come out on the other end super successful.  

At each stage there are different struggles and challenges to overcome and lessons learned that can be leveraged so you can benefit. If you’re brand new to internet business you will be able to directly relate to the guests who have just crossed that initial money milestone and made their first dollar.

You will also benefit from hearing from our guests who are farther along in the process and are making consistent money or even a full-time income so you know what’s possible, what to expect and how to plan so you too can reach that same level of freedom.

In each interview the guest will discuss how they are making money, how they learned, what they have struggled with, and how being an internet baller has affected their lifestyle and relationships.

I’m really excited that you’ve joined the Ballers Circle and look forward to sharing more on next week’s episode. The best way to ensure you get each episode each week is to head over to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast. Thanks a lot.

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